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Meet Blue Arrow. An effective project management tool that allows you to accomplish all your tasks and stay connected with your team while you work in pyjamas from home.

Nobody likes meetings, but they love collaboration

With Blue Arrow, you can stop worrying about tracking down email threads, useless meetings — that could have been an email anyway — and focus on goals being achieved.

Our user-friendly features help you get your work done in just a few simple clicks. Read more to learn more about the Blue Arrow Way.


Instead of thinking about abstract end results, start by setting deliverable Goals. We make assigning goals to be completed within a defined timeframe and following up on them a breeze.


Enhance communication by creating questionnaires depending on the job role so that managers and employees can have regular conversations about how things are going and how they can improve.


Your one stop destination for storage and analytics. Tracking gives you access to tasks or company specific notes and conversations in one place.


Stop hopping from one group chat to another. Using Companies, you can bring everyone to one place or have them grouped separately.

Set up targets for your team members, collaborate, and track progress; all in one place. Using Goals, effortlessly stay on top of your team’s progress and help each team member make contributions that they can be proud of.

Assessments are periodic, job-specific questionnaires that are assigned to managers and employees. Each questionnaire has a separate set of questions for the manager and the employee. These help managers align better with team members by answering questions about individual and job specific goals. Alternately, employees can keep track of how they have grown and their contributions to team and organizational performance. We will remind teams when assessments are nearing so they can be prepared for anything.

Imagine this. You’re at your desk brainstorming an idea when your alarm goes off for a meeting you totally forgot about. Trying to orient yourself with the topic of discussion, you can’t find the notepad where you wrote the meeting agenda. Annoying right? Well, with Blue Arrow, you never have to worry about losing anything because it’s all in one place and downloadable in a variety of file formats.

Set up different teams and manage everyone on one single platform. Assign your team members to companies and watch them manage projects seamlessly.

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